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Many people in the area experience homelessness each year. People experience homelessness for many reasons, including loss of a job, health care needs that have exhausted all financial resources, domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse. Many of those without shelter are children. Many have jobs. Most individuals and families are forced into homelessness by emergencies or other events, and most emerge from homelessness in a few months with some assistance.

NEOCAA serves as the lead agency for a coalition of shelters, social service agencies, public officials and interested citizens who work to serve the homeless, assisting them to return to independent lives. They also work together to assist with rent and utility payments to prevent families from falling into homelessness.


  • Operate six houses for homeless individuals
  • Support four local emergency shelters
  • Work with a wide array of partners
  • Referral and support to individuals who need different services to achieve independence

NEOCAA services help individuals and communities overcome life obstacles. The agency is affiliated with the following:

(Persons with a hearing or speech disability can dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Services.)