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Energy Audit may recommend:

  • Insulation of attic, floor, wall, water heater and exposed pipes.
  • Repairs for heating units
  • Weather strip and caulk
  • Door and window repairs or replacement
  • Energy saving lighting
  • Check major appliances for occupant safety and energy savings

Instructions and Application

Weatherization Application Instructions and Process

Application for Weatherization Services

Weatherization…Take Control of Your Home’s Comfort

Weatherization Assistance installs energy saving measures that provide long term relief by reducing energy bills on average $350 each year. Make your home more comfortable, healthier and safer while using less energy! Click here to download a brochure.

Do You Qualify for Weatherization Assistance?
Weatherization services also available in Muskogee County

Applications are recorded by receipt date. Priority is given to the disabled, the elderly and families with small children. There is a waiting list for this service. Your patience is appreciated. Look to the left to download the instructions and application.

Step 1. Determine Eligibility
2016 Income Guidelines
Size of Family AHP Housing Rehabilitation Income Guidelines Weatherization DOE Income Guidelines Weatherization DHS Income Guidelines All Other Agency Programs Income Guidelines
1 $28,950 $24,120 $20,620 Call Us
2 $28,950 $32,480 $26,964 Call Us
3 $33,293 $40,840 $33,309 Call Us
4 $33,293 $49,200 $39,653 Call Us
5 $33,293 $57,560 $45,997 Call Us
6 $33,293 $65,920 $52,342 Call Us
7 $33,293 $74,280 $53,532 Call Us
8 $33,293 $82,640 $54,721 Call Us
Over 8 $33,293 Call Us Call Us Call Us
Step 2. Client Responsibility
  1. Make sure all lines on application are completed.
  2. Give precise directions to your home in the space provided.
  3. Any signatures indicating that they require a witness MUST be WITNESSED. (Anyone can witness for you)
  4. Proof of Household Income
    • To get proof of income from Social Security (A COPY OF YOUR AWARD LETTER) go to: or call (877) 575-5195)
    • All members of household WITH NO INCOME whom are 18 years and older must submit a Notorized Certification of Zero Income (contact our office for this form).
    • All EMPLOYED members of the household must submit a "Verification of Employment" (VOE) (contact our office for this form).
  5. Provide a copy of the property deed. (Deed MUST be in your name to qualify for Rehabilitation work)
  6. Provide a copy of the of the latest assessed value of the home (available from your local assessor's located at the courthouse).
  7. Once we receive a qualifying funding source, we will contact you to do an initial home evaluation and once the evaluation is complete, a rehabilitation work plan and start date will be given. We will then order material, schedule crews, schedule sub contractors and begin your home rehabilitation.
  8. When the work has been completed, a final inspection will be performed and the final inspection document will be signed.
Step 3. Location and Contact Information
Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency
856 E. Melton, Suite C Jay, OK 74346

Call 918-253-4683 ext. 121 or 144

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(Persons with a hearing or speech disability can dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Services.)